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Open Door Association – Presentation in English


Open Door Association (a non-governmental organisation) was founded in 1995 by people who believe that unemployment, poverty, homelessness, disability and other issues which cause social exclusion are problems which solution is both possible and absolutely necessary. The mission of the Association is to prevent exclusion and marginalization of people affected by the difficult situation in life, and to create conditions for their development and support their return to society.


We have completed more than 300 projects, including grants within European Social Fund.

On daily basis we are running different support centres for different target groups. Among them:

• 5 daily rehabilitation centres for people with intellectual and mental disabilities and concurrent health problems,
• daily socio-therapeutic support centre for children and youth form underprivileged families,
• mutual support centre (including: a home for homeless youth and young adults, canteen for homeless and poor people, employment agency, social integration club),
• ZAZ – a social entrepreneurship (in which most of the employees are people with different kinds of disabilities) – one of the part of the ZAZ is an art gallery.

The Association’s headquarters is located in one of the most neglected districts in Warsaw – called Praga Polnoc. The district is an enclave of social exclusion, inherited poverty, unemployment, substance abuse and crime. Despite the cultural revival of the district it has a poor opinion. A lot of trendy cafes and art studios are created by the newcomers, but the gap between them and permanent residents remains unchanged. Social dysfunctions, severity of poverty and the threat of social exclusion is the result of previous administrative decisions, which resulted in locating in the district mostly poor and dysfunctional families. Additionally Association has different support centres and implements projects not only in this district of Warsaw, but also in 5 others as well as in different regions of Poland.

Together with those people we are creating the conditions for equal opportunities of access to knowledge, work, and personal and professional development.


What is the specific strength and what makes the Association attractive for national and international partners is that fact that we are an organization of innovation. We are concentrating on developing methods and programs that respond to emerging needs and social problems.


The Association’s mission is to create conditions in which individuals at risk of social exclusion can take responsibility for their own lives and mobilize them to undertake activities for the good of others, especially for the local communities from which they come. The actions which lead to this include (but are not limited to): prevention, therapy, social and legal assistance, social and vocational rehabilitation, job placement, cultural activities, civic educational and competence trainings. Association is open for cooperation with partners regarding all listed above issues and new ideas which are in scope of our Association’s mission and vision.

The cooperation may include e.g. exchanging good practices (during study visits), exchanging experiences, beneficiaries exchanges, consulting ideas/ projects, developing them and implementing internationally

Open Door Association exists for 20 years. In this time we helped nearly 70 000 people.


ul. Równa 10/3,
03-418 Warszawa
tel./fax (+48 22) 619 85 01
e-mail: stowarzyszenie@otwartedrzwi.pl
www: otwartedrzwi.pl
REGON: 011305320
NIP: 113 01 78 033
KRS 00000 800 10
06 1240 6074 1111 0000 4999 0832
Darowizny na cele statutowe:
77 1240 6074 1111 0010 3072 2313